Yerba Mate Benefits for the Brain

A South American drink that offers some of the most powerful benefits available for holistic health seekers, Yerba mate is made from the leaves of Ilex paraguariensis. This plant is native to the South American area and has been used for centuries [...]

Alpha GPC Benefits: How Does it Work?

As a powerful brain enhancing nootropic that is also completely natural, Alpha GPC has been proven to improve clarity, focus, mental energy, and cognitive function. Known to help in reducing Alzheimer’s, improving mental performance, and helping [...]

Huperzine A Benefits: Cognitive Enhancer

Huperzine A, one of the most important brain supplements available, helps to improve memory function, growth of neurons within the brain, and overall memory, learning, and retention. As a natural acetylcholine booster, huperzine A is known to [...]

Benefits of Bacopa Monnieri

Known commonly as Brahmi, Bacopa Monnieri is an important herbal remedy used frequently in Ayurveda. As part of a daily supplement routine to boost stress reduction, memory improvement, and overall brain health, Bacopa Monnieri is an adaptogen that [...]

L-Theanine: Benefits and Uses

L-Theanine is one of the top amino acids for boosting brain health. In addition to helping you with mood, motivation, focus, and better blood pressure and heart rate, L-theanine has been known to enhance both mind and body. It is a special amino [...]

The Benefits of Taking Nootropics

If you are following the latest developments in supplements, you might have heard of a fancy buzzword known as “nootropics.” Nootropics are actually one of the most potent forms of supplements that are safer than most, being comprised of [...]